Doodie Diaper Adult Incontinence Underwear Prank Gag Mail

Doodie Diaper Prank

Doodie Diaper Mail Prank

This is one of the most embarrassing items you can mail on Earth… Real Doodie Diaper (Adult Incontinence Underwear), in a huge 12″ see-through, clear mailing tube, with a very visible, and humiliating DOODIE DIAPER label, and a TRY ME Yellow Sticker attached to the product making it fun, unique, and totally humiliating. OMG! Mailed 100% anonymously from our PO Box in Michigan… (Just put the victim’s name and address in the personalization options box).

Doodie Diaper Gag Joke

The person, family member, friend, victim, we mail this to, will have no idea who sent it… AND BE MORTIFIED!!! (Along with the mailman and everyone else who handles this diaper along the way.)

Doodie Diaper Joke Mail

The diaper is brand new, clean, unused (do I really have to say that?), then sealed in a clear tube (so it’s ultra visible), rolls from end to end, and can’t be missed! The Doodie Diaper (STINK BAG) label is on one side, and the shipping label is on the other.

Doodie Diaper Prank Mailer

Just imagine mailing this to someone’s work? I would die (I’ll probably die of humiliation just taking it to the post office… HA!)

Doodie Diaper Practical Joke

This prank is sent completely anonymous!!!!! With no invoice, no packing slip, no receipt, no way to connect you to the diaper at all (and I’ll never tell). This diaper is sent with a PRIORITY MAIL shipping label from our PO BOX and nothing else!!! Just a tube with labels and Butt Load Clean Diaper… sent directly to your victim.

Doodie Diaper Prank Wars

Trust me, you would be mortified getting this in the mail! HAR HAR! You will talk about it for years!!!

Doodie Diaper Underwear Joke

Everything you see in the images is exactly what you get. 🙂

Doodie Diaper Gag Gift

So mail a diaper (I’m sure you know someone who needs it), and enjoy the prank. It’s one of the funniest gags in the world!

Doodie Diaper Prank Mailer Gag Gift