Eat a Bag of Dicks Embarrassing Prank Box Mail Gag Gift!

Super hilarious, novelty prank mail, practical joke box, shipped 100% anonymous. Funny fake gag gifts that may offend your friends and family… But all in good fun. Send them the best, funniest adult pranks ever!

Eat a Bag of Dicks Prank

Eat a Bag of Dicks Prank Mail

Eat a Bag of Dicks Prank Box

Eat a Bag of Dicks Gag Mailer

Eat a Bag of Dicks Joke Postal Mail

Eat a Bag of Dicks Prank Gag Gift

How the prank works:

1) Order the EMPTY BOX.

2) Put the name and address of the person you want to prank in the personalization options box on the order page.

3) We will mail them the empty box, anonymously, from our PO BOX in Lambertville, MI.

4) The box is 9″ x 6.5″ x 2 3/4″ with a shipping label, and a FRAGILE sticker on the outside… All perfectly normal… Until they open the box. HA!

Note: this prank box does not get sent to you blank (a box in a box), for you to mail yourself. NO! It’s an anonymous prank that we will send directly to the victim.

Play a prank, send an embarrassing gag box that will outdo the pranksters. This Funny Prank Box “Eat a Bag of Dicks” with real penis shaped candy will embarrass the receiver and make for a hilarious red faced joke. Play a prank on a loved one, a friend, a co-worker, a boss, your brother, sister, DAD, the preacher! HA! Send them a real looking gift, that’s nothing but an empty box full of hot air, a pranked card, and some real, safe, edible, penis shaped candy. YUMMY! A funny gift that will raise eyebrows, and the hairs on the back of their head. Plus, they can really eat a dick! Imagine their reaction. Priceless! Prank a target today. HA!

We’ll need 3 things from you:

  1. The Victim’s Full Name and Address in the Personalization Options Box.
  2. Enter a personal message (if any) that will go on the back of the prank card.
  3. Choose which prank card you want: You’ve Been Pranked, or EAT A DICK!

Prank a target today!

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