Fake Money Bad Parking Prank Business Cards

These fake money bad parking prank business cards are GREAT! They look like real money, but it’s really a portion of a fake $50 bill…

Bad Parking Prank Cards

Ahole Parking Cards

Leave these cards on windshields of bad drivers who don’t know how to park. They’ll believe it at first glance… Until they grab the card and flip it over to see: SIKE! You park like an asshole! HA HA HA!

Parking Violation Cards

Great looking business cards, high res, full color, glossy finish, 2″ x 3.5″. These are purposefully created to be bigger than real money (don’t want to be too realistic), but from a distance, they will absolutely fool everyone!

Asshole Drivers Parking Cards

And as a finishing touch, the serial number is FU.

BAH ha ha ha!

Fake Money Business Cards

These are perfect for Idiots that park over the line, block sidewalks or driveways, take up more than one spot, park too close to other cars, park in curbs, grass, reserved spaces, no parking zones, handicapped parking, bus zones, double-parked, or just plain A-Hole parking. You can simply, quickly and quietly walk up to their car or truck, and slip a card under their wiper and skedaddle (or stick around and video them from across the aisle… Just sayin’).

Fake Fifty Prank Cards

Get your point across today!!!

Prank Money Parking Business Cards

We ship these in quantities of 50 cards, in a protective padded envelope mailer, with USPS first class mail with tracking.

Bad Parking Prank Asshole Money Cards