Fake Pregnancy Test Prank – See Thru Prank Mailed Directly To The Victim

This prank is pure evil (and we love it).

It’s the fake pregnancy positive prank (on Amazon) that will leave any man speechless.
Fake Pregnancy Test

Fake Pregnancy Test Prank

A fudged, and faked pregnancy test that you send to your boyfriend, ex, husband, father… Or any man who’s a manwhore! 🙂

Fake Pregnancy Test Gag Gift

Fake Pregnancy Test Joke Mail

It’s a real pregnancy tester, modified with 2 red lines (hand-drawn by me with a red pen to look authentic), bundled with some toilet tissue (to make it look even more genuine), with a hand-written note (also by me, so it looks totally real) on the back of a You’ve Been Pranked card.. He’ll probably crap his pants seeing this come in the mail! The envelope is see-thru on one side (so he can’t miss the tester, the lines, the visible note, and the tissue)… OMG! Blood pressure raised!

Fake Pregnancy Test Prank Gag

Fake Pregnancy Test Gag Gift

The “You’ve Been Pranked!” card (see image) has 4 different handwritten messages that you can choose from: 1) Sorry! 2) Oops! 🙁 3) Uh-Oh! 4) Guess What? Just choose your edition, and we’ll make it happen. HA HA!

Fake Pregnancy Test Mail Prank

I can only imagine his reaction. Pure horror! A prank so mean, so devilish, so delightful…

Fake Pregnancy Test Prankster

Your victim will totally fall for it (at least for a minute or two). This 5″ x 7″ envelope is mailed anonymously, with standard first class USPS mail, from our PO BOX in Lambertville, MI. Just remember to put the victim’s name in the SHIP TO when you order, otherwise, this fake tester might just come to you. 🙂

Fake Pregnancy Gag Prank
It’s the biggest shocking prank in the world… And it’s coming for someone’s box. Enjoy!!! 🙂

Fake Pregnancy Test Prank On Etsy