Funny Envelope Mail Prank – Cash 4 Gash Embarrassing Prank Mail Gag Gift

This Cash 4 Gash Membership Document is Hilarious!

Cash 4 Gash Envelope Mail Prank

Cash 4 Gash Postal Prank

Cash 4 Gash Prank Mail

Cash 4 Gash Prank Gag

It’s not only highly embarrassing, but it looks REAL! We will send this prank directly to your victim (and imagine their mom seeing this in the mail). The membership document (with $1,515.00 fake yearly fees), looks so real, they’ll be shocked. Their heart will race. They’ll totally believe it. Membership document is filled out with the victim’s name and address, fees, and all the legal BS…

Only when they get down to the very last line do they read:


Questions and concerns about this C4G membership contract can be directed towards: Jenny Ho-Ha (YOUR NAME, OR PRANKEE NAME GOES HERE).
YOU’VE BEEN SET UP… YOU’VE BEEN PRANKED!!! None of this is real. Except the laughs.

Great prank, the victim will totally freak out. And then they’ll want to prank you back. Be warned! 🙂

Envelope is a standard sized envelope and is mailed first class (forever stamp), with no tracking.

FREE Shipping in the USA! Play a Prank TODAY! 🙂

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