Grammar Police Cards – 25 Qty Business Cards, Great Graphics on the Front, Blank Back, High Gloss, High Quality, Great Fun & Laughs!

Grammar Police Cards

Grammar Police Business Cards

These are great cards to hand out to anyone and everyone, especially those that need some grammar help:
Grammar Police cards, professionally printed full color on standard sized business cards (2″ x 3.5″), 14 point high gloss, blank backs, 25 quantity.

Grammar Police Gifts

The cards, with the most commonly misused words read:

Grammar Police
To Serve & Correct!
Affect – To Influence
Effect – Changed
Allude – Reference
Elude – Escape
Compliment – Remark
Complement – Go Together
Are – To Be
Our – Possession
Everyday – Common
Every Day – Each Day
Accept – Receive
Except – Exclusion
Insure – Insurance
Ensure – Make Sure
Its – Possessive
It’s – It Is
Lay – Put Down
Lie – Recline
Loose – Not Tight
Lose – Loss
Than – Comparing
Then – Time
Their – Owns/Belongs
There – Place
They’re – They Are
Who – He or She
Whom – Him or Her
Your – Possession
You’re – You Are
e.g. – For Example
i.e. – That Is


HA! With an official Grammar Police badge graphic, of course. These are great cards for family, friends, and everyone who can’t use the proper word at the proper time.

Grammar Police Pranks

Cards are mailed USPS first class with tracking (the tracking number will be attached to your order), in a padded bubble envelope.

Grammar Police Gift Ideas

P.S. These also make a great gift! People will LOVE them, and USE them!

Grammar Police Prank Gift

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