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DIY Prank Box Label ONLY! We'll send you a Prank Box Label, so you can stick it on your own box, and ship it yourself! It's a DIY Prank!

DIY Prank Box Label ONLY! We'll send you a Prank Box Label, so you can stick it on your own box, and ship it yourself! It's a DIY Prank!

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This is a Do It Yourself Prank...

We'll supply you the Prank Box Label only... AND YOU DO THE REST!

Simply choose which Prank Box Label you want (we have the top 12 shown to make it easier to quickly pick one (use the drop down menu and select which one you want. They are numbered 1-12).

Or.... You can also CHOOSE YOUR OWN LABEL!

Look in the "Prank Boxes" section of our store, and when you find which label you want, come back here and use the empty data box (Choose My Own Label) to tell us which label you want (be specific, we have some boxes that are similar... i.e. dildo label will not work. There are about 4 different dildo boxes. So take the name from the title itself please... (like Big Ass Dildo Club Prank Label).

If you want MORE THAN 1 LABEL, choose the quantity dropdown, and select how many labels you want, then list in the data box which labels, and how many of each, so we can keep them all straight. :) 

We'll mail you the vinyl label (they're approx. 6" x 4" with slight variations due to cutting), so you can peel off the backing, and stick it to whatever box your decide. Fill it with your own gifts, take it to USPS, UPS, or a FedEx center and have them ship it to your own victim yourself (you pay for your own shipping... We're only supplying the prank label).

It's a fun way to prank a loved one, send a birthday gift, give a gift in person, or whatever way you decide...

The labels are vinyl, waterproof, and durable. Simply peel them away from the backing (I use an exact knife to separate the two), and stick the label to a box of your choice. Easy as that! Just note the size of the prank label and the size of the box you choose; it can make a big difference in appearance, especially if you pick a box that's 30" x 30"!

This label purchase is only for the prank label (or labels... if the prank box actually contains two of them, which some do; one for the outside, and one for the inside; you'll get them both). This purchase doesn't include any extra items that we would normally include inside our prank boxes (pet ghosts, diapers, panties, fake spiders, corks...). It doesn't even include the prank card!!!! You get just the prank label only, and nothing more, that you can stick wherever you like. :)

We'll mail the label to you (wrapped with plain paper to make it more durable), in a manila envelope, from our PO Box in Michigan. It's sent with a first class stamp. Just note that the post office is taking a long time to deliver, so plan in advance. Some first class items are taking up to 2 weeks to cross the country (which no one likes, but it's out of our control).

But don't worry... It's just a prank BRO!
So buy your label today, and enjoy the laughter to come. :)

Note: We will mail this item directly to the name and USA address provided above!

We don't spellcheck messages!!! What you enter, is what we put!

Disclaimer: Please prank only friends and family who have a wonderful sense of humor! You take full responsibility for any purchases you make. We reserve the right to cancel any orders that are used for harrassment or abuse. Thank you!

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