See Me Nipple Clamps Prank See-Thru Envelope Mailer Gag Gift

These SEE-ME Pranks are the Best, and most Embarrassing Pranks you can send… They can SEE them! They’re highly visible, and everyone will laugh.

Nipple Clamps Prank

Nipple Clamps Prank Gag

And this Prank, is taking Pranks to a whole new level. It’s the Nipple Clamp Prank that we’ll send 100% anonymous to your victim, in a see-through envelope, with a huge Nipple Clamp Label, and 2 real craft clamps. HA! Imagine their reaction. Imagine the mailman’s reaction. HAHA! So good. So evil. So FUN!

Nipple Clamps Prank Mailer

Plus, you can personalize it if you want with a message that gets stuck to the back of the hidden classic “You’ve Been Pranked” Card. Write whatever you want, we’ll send it (Just put this in the personalization options box).

Nipple Clamps Prank Postal Joke

Nipple Clamps are mailed anonymously from our PO BOX in Lambertville, MI.

Nipple Clamps Prank Envelope See-Through

Send some clamps to a loved one, a boyfriend, a co-worker, a brother, your sister, your boss, an uncle, your Dad, your MOM… It’s a hilarious gift that will raise eyebrows, the redness of their cheeks, and the hairs on the back of their head. Imagine their reaction. It’s priceless!

Nipple Clamps Gag Gift Mail Prank

P.S. This also makes a great April Fools Joke!

Just include 2 things:

1) The victim’s full name and address

2) Any personal message you want included (if any).

Nipple Clamps Prank Mailed To Victim

It’s that easy.

Send a See-Me Prank TODAY!

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