Shag Search Prank Postal Joke Mail gets Sent Directly to your Victim

Super hilarious, novelty prank mail, practical jokes, shipped anonymously, or with a note. Embarrassing fake gag gifts that will mortify and offend your friends and family. Get revenge with the best, funniest adult pranks ever! Let the prank wars begin!

Shag Search Postal Prank Joke

Shag Search Prank Mail

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How this prank works:

1) Order the bubble mailer metallic envelope on Etsy (it’s 7.25″ x 5.5″).

2) Put the name and address of the person you want to prank in the personalization options box on the order page.

3) Indicate which metallic envelope color you’d like: Gold, Pink, Silver (if none is chosen, the color will be random pick).

Shag Search Bubble Envelope Mailers

4) List whatever personal message you’d like on the back of the prank postcard (if any. This is optional).

Shag Search Postal Prank

Shag Search Joke Mail

3) We will mail them the bubble mailer, anonymously, from our PO BOX in Lambertville, MI.

4) The package label is fully exposed giving maximum embarrassment to the receiver.

Note: this prank box does not get sent to you blank (a mailer in another mailer), for you to mail yourself. NO! It’s an anonymous prank that we will send directly to the victim.

Play a prank, send an embarrassing gag gift that will outdo all the pranksters and start the prank wars. This Shag Search Prank Mailer will embarrass your victim and make the mailman and the post office hoot with laughter (and think you’re a little bit odd). Play a prank on a loved one, a friend, a family member, a boss, an ex, a co-worker, whomever… Send them a package full of hot air, and a “YOU’VE BEEN PRANKED!” postcard (with your personal message on the back, if you want to write one). It’s a funny gift that will raise eyebrows, the redness of their cheeks, and the hairs on the back of their head. Imagine their reaction. Priceless! Prank a target today. 🙂 HA!

This bubble envelope will be mailed with a first class stamp, meaning there is no tracking on it. If you’d prefer to have the package tracked, we have an upgrade option to select a Shipping Label (Tracking), which is $4.00 more. That’s up to you. Otherwise, it will go regular mail to keep the costs down.

Shag Search Revenge Prank

So we’ll need 3 things from you in the options box:

  1. Enter the full name and address of the person you want this prank to be mailed to.
  2. Enter a personal message (if any) that will go on the back of the prank postcard.
  3. Enter the color of envelope you want (or I’ll just randomly pick).

And that’s it… Get to pranking today!

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