Used Panty Prank – See Through Prank Envelope Gets Mailed Directly To The Victim

This Used Panty Prank takes PRANKS to the next level.

Used Panty Prank

It’s a used panty prank that YOU CAN SEE! Visible real panties, in a see-thru envelope that gets sent directly to the victim. So embarrassing! Everyone will see them. HA!

Used Panty Prank Mailer

You can pick a message for the card (I have the classics numbered; 1-3, or you can add your own visible message… If none are chosen, I will use default #1: Here’s the used panties you ordered!) that you can see in the package on top of the panties. It’s handwritten by me, so it looks totally legit (messy) and REAL. Your victim will totally believe it.

Used Panty Prank Mailer Gag

These messages are written on the back of our classic “You’ve Been Pranked” card.

Used Panty Prank Gag Gift

The panties inside are real, brand new, never worn, with tags. Colors and styles will vary, and are all a random draw. They are packed inside the see-thru envelope (with the tags hidden, so they won’t know they’re new). It’s just the message, and the panties that are seen.. by everyone!

Used Panty Prank Gift

You can personalize the message on the prank card… AND, you can also add a small personalized note to the back of the panty tag as well (which is hidden and won’t be found until they pull the panties out and look). Write something short and sweet… it’s got to fit on the tiny label. Add all of the personalization details in the personalization options box.

Used Panty Pranked Victim

Panties are mailed anonymously from our PO BOX in Lambertville, MI.

Used Panty Funny Prank

Send some USED (LOL) panties to a loved one, a boyfriend, a co-worker, a brother, your sister, your boss, an uncle, your DAD… It’s a hilarious gift that will raise eyebrows, the redness of their cheeks, and the hairs on the back of their head. Imagine their reaction. It’s priceless!

Used Panty Prank Gift Mailed

Used Panty Prank Mailer Gag Gift

Prank a target today. 🙂 HA!

Used Panty Prank Joke

This also makes a great April Fools Joke!

Used Panty Prank On Etsy