Are the Pranks really 100% Anonymous?

Yes, all our pranks are sent from our PO Box in Michigan. They are mailed with no buyer information at all. No invoice, no receipt, no packing slip, no contact info, no email address... Nothing. No one will ever know who actually mailed it... It's 100% anonymous!. :)

How do you Ship?

We work extremely fast, and ship out twice a day; Mon. - Fri. 9 am and 3:30 pm, once on Sat. (noon), and none on Sun. We mail our items USPS ground advantage mail. We include a tracking number(s) with your order so you can see where it's at and what the post is doing with it. The USPS website also allows you to sign up for text alerts and delivery confirmation if you choose so you know when the prank is on. 

Can I send it Signature Required?

No. We used to offer an upgrade service of signature required, thinking it would be hilarious if they had to sign for the prank. But we learned that once the postman showed the item to the prank victim and asked for a signature, 99% of the time the victim would just refuse the embarrassing package (can you blame them?). :) This lead to many refunds and many unhappy buyers. So now, we just have our items delivered as expected, in their mailbox, PO Box, or porch. That way, the prank lives on.

Will you Reveal my Personal Information if someone Contacts you?

No. Never. By law, the buyer's information is totally private and never released. Whoever buys the prank remains hidden. Only with the actual buyer's consent is this information released. Also note that the information we see is very limited, and often all we see is a person's name and address that the items are being shipped to, and nothing else.

Do you have a DO NOT SEND list?

Yes we do! If you would like to be added to this list, so you will no longer receive any pranks, email us with your full name and full address and we will include you. :)

What about Harassment?

We take harassment very seriously, and don't condone it in the least. We only want people to send pranks to people who have a great sense of humor. We don't allow anything hateful, threatening, or abusive, and have the right to cancel any order. But also note that this is a gray area, and it's very difficult to read the intentions behind any prank. We don't know the relationship between these people, so it's not easy to interpret the reason for sending. We do everything we can to avoid any issues that may raise a red flag. The buyer takes full responsibility for any pranks they send.

Can I get this Gag be sent to me, so I can then give it to my Victim?

Yes, but you must be very clear when ordering that you want this box
"sent to you; unsealed, and discreet". And then we will ship you the prank inside another box, so you can add items in it, take it to the post office and mail it yourself, or give it as a gift.

Why don't you Ship outside of the USA?

The mail, that's why. It's slow in the states, and everywhere else it's insanity. And most of our indiscreet items wouldn't pass customs. Plus, it could take up to 2 months to deliver... And even then, it's not guaranteed. Rates are going up, the mail is slow... So right now, it's easier to stick with the states. :)

What happens if I Change my Mind AFTER it's been Shipped?

If you change your mind after the package is in the post, it cannot be cancelled or refunded. Instead, the only way to try to stop a shipment in progress is to Intercept it with the USPS. The post charges for this service, and we pass that charge onto you. If you want to attempt to stop it (which only works 25% of the time due to the lack of effort from the post office), then go here: Intercept Package, purchase the listing, and give us the info we need to try to intercept your prank. And from there, it's a waiting game to see if it works. Cross your fingers! If it doesn't work, the charge will be refunded back to you. Cheers! :)