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Prank Office Flyers - PDF Files to Print, Hang, and Laugh! Also, Highly Embarrassing!

Prank Office Flyers - PDF Files to Print, Hang, and Laugh! Also, Highly Embarrassing!

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Fun Office Prank Flyers with a TWIST! (A loud moaning orgasmic twist that will embarrass the entire office and make them hoot with laughter). They'll hear it all the way around the building. HA!

Purchase these fliers and we will email you the 3 separate zipped PDF files (we'll do this in 3 separate emails because of size limitations), print them out, place them around the office, grocery store, salon, street pole, doctor's office... It's a great way to have fun and embarrass your prank victims.

These office flyer zips contain all of the 12 flyers that you see in the images (plus a few more, just for laughs).

But be warned, the QR Code shown, when scanned, will lead them to a very loud moaning sound that will blast from their smartphone and fill the office with the most embarrassing moans ever. PRANKED! Test it out yourself right now. Use your smartphone and scan the QR Code shown anywhere in these images... Just make sure you turn your volume all the way up so you can enjoy the total humiliation. Tap the link that pops up and listen. It's the most mortifying sounds ever (just make sure you can play this in your office without getting caught). HA! It's all on you... Unless they can't figure out who's doing it. Bah ha ha ha ha! Fooled you!

Please understand that these are digital files only, we won't mail you any physical products. It's 3 PDF zipped email files that you can open up in Adobe Acrobat (a free program available from Adobe here:

Just check your email (meaning don't give us a bogus one) and unzip the files from all 3 emails. Print them out and enjoy.

If you have any questions about the files, or have issues with the email, please reach out to us, we will fix your problem quickly.

These PDFs print to a standard sheet of paper (8.5" x 11"). Easy as that. Prank on!

All designs are copyright Design Doggie, and cannot be resold.


Note: We will mail this item directly to the name and USA address provided above! Also note that no personal messages are ever included to keep things 100% anonymous! Cheers! :)


Disclaimer: Please prank only friends and family (18+) who have a wonderful sense of humor! You take full responsibility for any purchases you make. Attempting to use our service for harassment or abuse is strictly against our terms of use. We reserve the right to cancel any order. Thank you! -DD

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