Design Doggie Policy

We create all of orders on demand. They are custom made just for you and your victims. So, we are unable to offer returns on these pranks. We will offer to cancel those products though, as long as they haven't been shipped out yet. For once they're in the mail, there is no way to stop them (unless you intercept them, which isn't cheap or guaranteed). 

However, if you do encounter any issues whatsoever with your mail, like the post not delivering, please get in touch with us below. We will gladly take care of you and resend the item promptly.

Also note, that if your victim refuses the item, and it's returned to us, that item can't be returned either. We can't resell them! Plus, some people are just hard to prank. And sometimes, the pranks on you!

No matter, we're easy to work with, and aim to please. So contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Cheers! :) -DD