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Package Intercept

Package Intercept

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Change your Mind on a Prank AFTER it's been Mailed? Purchase this Prank Mail Intercept and we'll TRY to Stop the Delivery!

If you've purchased a prank from us, and changed your mind AFTER the item has already been put in the mail... There's only 1 thing you can do: Intercept it!

Intercepting is not the same thing as cancelling an order. You can't cancel an order AFTER it's been shipped. A shipped item has tracking, and once it's in route to the destination address the only thing that can be done is intercept it (they do not allow any type of redirection).

"Intercept" means that you MIGHT be able to stop it from being delivered. MIGHT!

We can input a package intercept through the USPS website (only we can do this) and try and stop the delivery from happening... This is a service they charge for! And it's NOT cheap nor free! Plus, they also charge a return postage fee! :/

We pass this charge onto you... but here's the bad news: it only works 25% of the time (thank your local post office for that).

We will attempt to put a stop through as soon as this purchase order goes through...

If we are able to put an intercept through, we will let you know via email (sometimes there just isn't enough time to stop it, and they deny the service). Keep in mind, there are no guarantees at all. The post doesn't guarantee anything. They only guarantee the fact that if it doesn't get intercepted, then they won't charge us for the service.

This also means, that if the post doesn't catch it in time (it usually only gets caught at the final delivery post office), then we will refund this $30 back to you!

Just note that the actual prank itself will not be refunded due to a change of mind. We are sorry for this, but pranks are personalized, cost money, have fees, and you can't refund shipping prices or initial cost. Hopefully though, if it has been stopped, it will bring you peace of mind! (which we understand, since many pranks are bought in the spur of the moment, and then people get cold feet afterwards).

Sometimes the post does catch the item and returns it back to us so we can dispose of it. But you never know. The mail is inconsistent and random. And all we can do is to cross our fingers and hope for the best. It really is like playing the odds. You never know what the post will do or won't do. They have been very lax lately and tend not to scan or track things properly since Covid.

Just make sure you put as much detail in the personalization box your "Order Number", the "Item you want Stopped", and "WHO it's going to", so we can make every attempt to cease the prank.

Thank you so much! :) -DD

Note: We will mail this item directly to the name and USA address provided above!


Disclaimer: Please prank only friends and family (18+) who have a wonderful sense of humor! You take full responsibility for any purchases you make. Attempting to use our service for harassment or abuse is strictly against our terms of use. We reserve the right to cancel any order. Thank you! -DD

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