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Donald Trump Fake Republican Welcome Packet Mail Joke

Donald Trump Fake Republican Welcome Packet Mail Joke

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Mail a totally rude and fake Donald Trump Fake Switching sides Republican Party Welcome Packet directly to your victims; anonymously!

This is the Donald Trump Fake Welcome Packet and it's meant for rude fun and laughter! HAR HAR!


Play a funny prank on your victim's with this 9" x 7" cardboard envelope prank with 2 letters inside... 1) A fake signed letter from the President, 2) an fake order form/donation form for instant shock and awe! They'll think they really changed political sides will frantically call their township. HA!

Only until they go to the website listed at the bottom of the invoice (and that's only if they do so) will they see that it's a prank. HAR HAR!

It's a great revenge prank, that's mailed with USPS tracking (attached to your order). So sit back and wait for the laughs to begin. Your victim will have no idea who sent it (and we'll never tell). It's 100% anonymous. It's sent as-is (as shown), with no way to connect you to the prank at all. Bah ha ha ha ha!

Because, when it comes down to it, it's just a prank bro!


Note: We will mail this item directly to the name and USA address provided above! Also note that no personal messages are ever included to keep things 100% anonymous! Cheers! :)


Disclaimer: Please prank only friends and family (18+) who have a wonderful sense of humor! You take full responsibility for any purchases you make. Attempting to use our service for harassment or abuse is strictly against our terms of use. We reserve the right to cancel any order. Thank you! -DD

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