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The Ultimate Trump Mail Prank; 4 Pranks in 1

The Ultimate Trump Mail Prank; 4 Pranks in 1

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"I Didn't Order This SH*T!"

LMFAO!!!!! That's the reaction this prank will get... And we love it!

This is the Ultimate President Donald Trump (Still My President) Prank Mail, and it's actually 4 pranks in 1:
It's a fake PAID invoice, a real bumper sticker that says: Trump Still My President, a QR code that has a woman moaning loudly, and a You've Been Pranked website... All rolled into one.


1) They'll get the Urgent Envelope, with a fake invoice inside and think they paid $29 for a Trump bumper sticker (it actually says that their credit card was already charged, which it hasn't, of course, it's all a gag). HA!
2) They'll freak out thinking they were cheated, because they really did receive a genuine 9" x 3" Trump bumper sticker that they don't want nor order (this will probably drive them insane). Bah ha ha!
3) Then they'll scan the QR code shown on the letter, so they can play Trump's "special message" (this is beyond funny), and instead get very loud orgasmic sounds blasting from their smartphone. WTF??? (I so want to be a fly on the wall for that one). It will be mortifying!
4) Lastly, they'll go to the only website listed on the fake invoice and see "You've Been Pranked!" HA! HA! It will blow their freaking minds.

All this is sent in one huge (9" x 12") urgent letter which is a bright red and yellow cardboard envelope that they will absolutely HAVE to open! It's a prank that can't be missed. It's BIG! It's URGENT! It must be opened. Who could resist? Then the surprises hidden inside are well worth every stinking penny.

We'll mail this 100% anonymously (they'll never know who bought it or had it mailed; and your name and info is no where to be found... plus, we'll never tell) from our PO box in Michigan. It's mailed USPS Ground Advantage with tracking that's attached to your purchase order so you can see when the desired package is delivered to your target.

So to recap; they'll get a real bumper sticker, a fake invoice letter with a faux message from Trump thanking them (tis all fake news)... with a QR code that plays the loudest, most horrifying embarrassing sounds ever (test it for yourself; use your smartphone and scan the QR code shown in the images to see what it sounds like. It's hilarious, and LOUD!) It's a great prank that reaches all sorts of warm, cozy levels. Revenge is sweet. HA!

But then again, it's not all that bad, I mean, they do get a REAL bumper sticker "Trump Still My President". Which is 3" x 9" (standard size), waterproof, vinyl, and perfect for any bumper, tool box, laptop, window you desire.

So play a prank on a Democrat, supporter, or a Republican, Trump fanatic... It doesn't matter, any and all political parties, because everyone can take a poke and a joke, it's just satire, right?

So have some FUN today and play a Trump mail prank! Okay?

And lastly... A real invoice or packing slip is never included! It's 100% anonymous! Did you catch that?

Note: We will mail this item directly to the name and USA address provided above! Also note that no personal messages are ever included to keep things 100% anonymous! Cheers! :)


Disclaimer: Please prank only friends and family (18+) who have a wonderful sense of humor! You take full responsibility for any purchases you make. Attempting to use our service for harassment or abuse is strictly against our terms of use. We reserve the right to cancel any order. Thank you! -DD

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